Age Friendly Communities
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Age-Friendly Communities

For more information read the Age-Friendly Planning Guide. You can download a copy or order a print copy. Age-Friendly Planning Guide

In an age-friendly community, policies, programs, services and environments support and enable people to age actively.

As all communities are unique they may take different approaches to achieving age-friendliness. However, all age-friendly communities share some common values.

An age-friendly community:

  • Recognizes the wide range of capacities and resources among older people
  • Anticipates and responds flexibly to aging-related needs and preferences
  • Respects decisions and lifestyle choice of older adults
  • Supports the older adults who are most vulnerable
  • Promotes the participation of older adults and encourage their contributions to all aspects of community life.

Age-Friendly Community Planning Outreach Initiative

The AFC Planning Outreach Initiative offers assistance to Ontario communities interested in adopting age-friendly planning principles. This project includes the development of partnerships, web resources, and the creation of a network for knowledge exchange across Ontario.

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