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Finding the Right Fit
Age-Friendly Community Planning

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The Age-Friendly Community (AFC) Planning Guide provides advice to municipalities on the development, implementation and evaluation of plans for seniors-friendly communities which are socially and physically accessible and inclusive.

This guide:

  • Explains the characteristics of an AFC and how it can respond to the opportunities and challenges of Ontario’s aging population
  • Provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for a broad range of existing AFC resources
  • Recognizes that collecting information that reflects or captures the characteristics of your community as broadly as possible is critical to a successful AFC initiative
  • Offers those working on AFC initiatives a framework for making informed choices from among several flexible community assessment tools that can be tailored and adaptable to local circumstances

Finding the Right Fit Age-Friendly Community Planning

Age-Friendly Communities Success Stories

What is an Age-friendly Community?

Age-friendly communities are supportive physical and social environments that enable older people to live active, safe and meaningful lives that continue to contribute in all areas of community life.